Danny Perkins

Born 1955 Frankfurt, West Germany (American)

STATEMENT "Personally as a young artist I was looking for a place and time, not so much as being a famous artist; but my respect for art was/is so great that anything I could contribute in this field made me feel like I was adding my respect for art. It is almost holy to me. I am compelled by the world of art for its limitless challenges and the accomplishments that come from them, which are enormous. I am driven with passion. I feel that with this passion my work has integrity.

I am a student of the abstract expressionists. In the sense that my work is based on emotions rather than representational references. Creating sculpture is the connection between my pysche and body. First it is a physical and group effort to blow and form my large fluid glass forms. Then a solitary and intimate process of breaking them. The colors with the forms I use are emotions, they are love, sex, god, pain, and joy. I have developed relationships with the colors over the years, when I paint the shards the colors have faces that I know intimately. It is combining different emotions in varying weights. Reassembling the pieces has all that mixture of feelings in one. One has joy another is pain, as a group they sing. My work is about the deep richness of experiencing life; of going 100 miles per hour with your eyes closed crying and laughing at the same time."


Anne Gould- Hauberg, Seattle, WA Asian Art Museum, Seattle, WA Bonneville Power Administration, Portland, OR Boston Museum of Fina Art, Bostan, MA Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburg, PA Coming Museum of Glass, Corning, NY Elton John, Atlanta, GA George Saxe, Palo Alto, CA Jack Benaroya, Seattle, WA Jerry Rose, Atherton, CA Judy Cornfield, Hollywood, FL MacAllen International Museum, McAllen, TX Mircosoft Corporation, Seattle, WA National Museum of American Art, Renwick Gallery (Smithsonian), Washington DC Oakland Museum of Art, Oakland, CA Philadephia Museum of Art, Philadephia, PA Price Waterhouse, Phoenix, AZ Taco Bell Corporation, Irvine, CA Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa, FL Victoria & Albert Museum, London, England Wells Fargo Headquarters, Denver, CO

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