Ken Carder

In simple terms this series of work is about a fascination with the optical properties of glass and how they can be used to draw attention and alter the appearance of an image. By using the format of portraiture as the subject, the pulse of narrative becomes intertwined with the reflective geometry and something emerges beyond the material effects. It’s about witnessing what is clearly there one moment, then with a slight change of view, dissolves and disappears or reappears in another location. It’s about focusing in. My inspiration and influences for making work can vary widely. Some things are clearly evident, others certainly beyond my explanation. They can include early lens grinders and glassmakers whom I feel a particular kinship with through process and labor. As for artistic genetics, this particular work can appear to be a bit of a riff on Analytical Cubism but in a reverse sort of way. There is also a traditional material awareness that requires a skilled eye and the dexterity of the hand, a goal of refinement, and a very unique set of difficulty factors that are part of the process and becomes in a way part of its meaning. My work has always been a kind of net that I drag through life, never sure what I’ll find or what others will see in it. Overall, I’m just trying to distill some things I been thinking about down into a tangible and hopefully poetic space, maybe reach a zone that feels relevant, valid and somehow worth all the trouble it takes to get there. Ken Carder
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