Dante Marioni

Dante was born in Mill Valley, California in 1964 and has been blowing glass since he was 15. Son of glass artist Paul Marioni, Dante saw first hand the challenges of being a professional artist and had no interest in it. It wasn’t until he saw artist Benjamin Moore blow glass that was perfectly round and on center that Dante became captivated with glass. Shortly thereafter, he also saw Lino Tagliapietra blow glass and became enthralled with the way the Italian master worked. Once Dante started blowing, there was no turning back.

Over the years, Dante Marioni has studied closely with Lino and collaborated with several Seattle glass artists. His vessels epitomize the marriage of Venetian tradition of classic form with American ingenuity, featuring lustrous color and minimalist elegance. Dante Marioni continues to create classically elegant Greek forms, and most recently has expanded his bright, pop palette with mosaic and organic leaf vessels, which showcase his creativity and unique style. Marioni resides and has had his studio in Seattle since 1984.

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