Emily Brock

Emily Brock received a BS in Clothing and Textiles from Oregon State University in 1967. She resides and works in Corrales, New Mexico. Brock has been working with glass since the late seventies.

Explorations in the world of detail and our current culture are the focus of Emily Brock's work. Small scale environments using many different techniques invite the viewer to be a participant in the narrative. Subjects include diners, offices, libraries, gardens and many places real and imagined. Emily Brock's work resides in many collections, municipal settings and museums, nationally and internationally.

A Statement from Emily

"I enjoy going places where people gather. If it is just right I hear a low buzz of voices, the perfect background for observation or reading. I am most interested in detail and sketch or remember tiny objects and how they relate to each other. The placement of every item speaks of the occupants movements and their relationships to each other. Every place where people gather has has its own combination of attributes that defines its appearance and the encourages people to act in certain ways. For instance, when entering a bakery one can inhale sugar and anticipate purchasing one of the baked goods in the cases. When creating my sculptures I want the viewer to remember their own experiences and while contemplating my story create a narrative of their own."

Emily Brock
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