Leah Wingfield & Steve Clements

Brief Bio

Leah Wingfield & Steve Clements are married collaborators who have been creating glass & mixed-media figurative sculptures for over 30 years. Their one-of-a-kind sculptures are made from cast glass combined with steel and wood. Their work is exhibited Internationally as well as in the United States. Figurative sculptures that consider the nature of relationships are what they are best known for. Each work is sculpted in wax and then cast in glass using a lost wax method. Wood and metal are used to further the narrative and provide a beautiful base to showcase the glass. A variety of glasses are used and sometimes challenge the conventional expectation for the material. Its qualities are chosen to enhance the figures and to create a more compelling story. The collaboration enriches the sculptures with the input of our combined strengths, visions, and skills. Our process starts with a conversation, progresses to drawings, continues to technical problem solving and finally making. This process can take several months to complete and realize a finished sculpture. Photography & shipping to an exhibition are the final steps for sharing the story we are sharing with the viewers. 

Artist Statement

The inspiration for these sculptures may not be as obvious as it might seem. There was a day in the summer of 2021 when I was working in our field. Going back and forth mowing the field with a very painful foot, I began to get frustrated with feelings of being trapped and unable to move freely. It was during COVID so travel was not possible. More importantly, we were caring for my 94-year-old mother daily and so I was tethered to her. As I’m thinking about that, I look over and there is my dog, Blue, following each step and I think “I can’t even walk in a straight line because Blue is always next to me blocking my path!” Completely frustrated I began to think about the fact that these were all tethers of love - caring for the property we love (even with a painful foot), caring for my Mom, the dog-obsessed by love for me, and caring for each other by avoiding COVID. We started exploring ideas to express these tethers of love and eventually, after many experiments, we landed in the most simple and focused moment we share with dogs. These sculptures are meant to capture those moments that are completely focused on love and all else falls away. We do this so naturally and without hesitation when we embrace our dogs. The focus is so deep that our hearts are free from burdens and there is only love. After we had put Mom to rest and began to repossess our life, we finally exhaled the extreme stresses of the last 3 years. Starting to work again and thinking about the tethers of love, we found that we are able to exhale when we simply embrace and lean into our dog. They just receive us. We start to breathe again. These sculptures are meant to focus our attention on the emotions of that moment. Because no matter how worried, serious, compassionate, politically concerned, pained, responsible and utterly overwhelmed we are by knowing every damn thing going on in the world...we will find relief with our dear beasts who don’t care about any of that stuff. And because my dog Blue does that for me...I forgive him for standing on my feet. 

Destination Unknown Series

Everything feels a bit different. A little uncertain. At least to me! And here's the thing about can come at the most worrisome times. These pieces are personal reminders about what I'm made of and remind me to enbrace change with curiosity, persevere when it's hard, break from things that may be holding me back and go forward.

VINES is a woman becoming unstuck. The vines threaten to engulf her but she has broken the tendrils trying to trap her. You can see the broken tendrils hanging from her wrists and she faces the future with resolve. The purple/green glass is a unique formula that perfectly expresses her earthiness and blossoming as she breaks free. (Cast Lavender/Green Tint Glass)

ITTY BITTY BOAT is too damn small! The only way to solve this probleem is to pick up the boat and oars and walk out of the water. Get your skirt wet and go to the shore. Perseverance is needed to get oneself out of trouble. (Cast Clear and Aqua Glass, Paint)

TAKE FLIGHT or fall. Stepping off of the cliff into the unknown is sometimes the only option. Finding that new idea or destination can only happen through taking risk. Curiosity and courage are the drivers and must be fully embraaced. This is where commitment lives. (Cast Indigo Glass)

GOING TOGETHER with love is the way forward. Determination and optimism are the partners to the willingness to put one foot in front of the other toward that Destination Unknown. (Cast Aqua Glass)

Stephen Clements

Born - January 8, 1948 - Richmond, CA


Independent Artist

President, Acme Art Glass Inc.


Masters of Art - California State University - Chico, CA.

1972 Pilchuck Glass School - Stanwood, WA


Arizona Commission on the Arts - Phoenix, AZ Brockton Museum - Boston, MA Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, De Young Museum - San Francisco, CA Kishijimi Collection - Japan The National Gallery of American Art & Renwick Gallery - Smithsonian Institution Washington DC Prisident's Collection - People's Republic of China Richmond Art Museum - Richmond, CA Standard Oil Corporation - California Museo Del Vidrio - Monterrey, Mexico  


Born - January 29, 1957 Phoenix, Az


Pilchuck Glass School – Stanwood, WA Teaching Assistant to Robert Carlson, William Morris, Loredano Rosin, Dino Rosin Scholarship student in Graduate Workshop with Bertil Vallien, Clifford Rainey, Paul Marioni, Henry Halem, Judy North Student – Dan Dailey – hot glass Phoenix College – Phoenix, AZ Glendale Community College – Glendale, AZ


1989-Present – Independent Glass Sculptor 2000-Present 

Vice President – Acme Art Glass Inc.  

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