Leckie Gassman

About this collection of work

These are a refined version of the earlier Picasso’s I made in both process and method of drawing. The drawing in a lot of my work is very similar and collages faces, emotions, and bodies similar to a crowd of people. Sometimes the crowd of people is all versions of myself and my encounters with others. All of the work is engraved freehand so that means I don’t do any tracing. The lines need to be clean and fast and this way of working demands confidence, very similar to working with molten glass. The imagery and application were done in a much more bold way than some of my other drawings in order to create a stronger contrast. These particular pieces are not of myself but rather a loose depiction or view of my times in Spain, more directly Barcelona, and the outdoor cafes. These are meant to be positive in emotion but also have a bit of loud conversation in the imagery. The drawings are continuous and overlap in ways that allow more than one image to emerge. To me, the three pieces are a collection of these experiences where people are interacting and connect with each other. 

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