Leon Applebaum


Massachusetts College of Art, Boston MA - BFA 

Peabody College of Vanderbilt, Nashville, TN - MA

Orrefor's Glass School/ Boda Glass, Akrahallskollan Orrefors, Sweden

Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY - MFA   


"The process of blowing glass has been my teacher for the past 46 years. I have developed glass blowing techniques for my work that captivate the fluid energy of hot glass, using fire, air centrifugal force, gravity, and tools to push and pull the glass. I enjoy exploring the visual dimensions of massive glass and reflective interiors, using transparent colors so that light passes through and brings out the pure beauty and essence of glass."

In his textured series, Leon uses tools to manipulate the surface of hot glass creating an optically transformed piece. This very non-traditional approach to glass working allows for the exploitation of the transparent and reflective qualities of glass.

In Leon's contemporary sculpture series, he uses glassblowing as a means, not an end. Leon uses cooled blown pieces that are cut in elemental forms and assembles them using ultraviolet glue. This technical approach offers great freedom to explore and execute ideas that are not possible with hot glass. Leon's sculptures use circular forms reflecting the cyclical nature of life. With eyes toward the future, Leon plans to focus his energy on sculptural glass.


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