Sally Rogers

Sally Rogers – Artist’s Statement :


My sculptures are made from combinations of glass, steel, stone, wood, and bronze. Early in my career, after attempts to define myself through a single medium – ceramic artist, glass artist, metal sculptor –

I arrived at the conclusion that all of these materials were too compelling to limit myself to just one. I began to immerse myself in working with a diverse range of media, exploring their unique and varied capabilities to define color, texture, form, translucency, transparency, and opacity. Twenty-five years later, I am still embracing a broad spectrum of materials.


This has been a very liberating approach, as it has allowed me the great joy of ongoing experimentation. I am continually engaged in a variety of fabrication processes, and I have learned to appreciate each material for its own inherent traits and personalities. Stainless steel, for example, suggests strength – even power – while glass carries with it the notion of fragility, and the ability to gather, transmit, and reflect light. The materials themselves are visual metaphors, and I incorporate them specifically to synchronize with the conceptual aspects of the work. I think that combining mixed media in sculpture is in many ways like choreographing a symphony, where the individual components collaborate to create the greater whole.


Just as I have avoided working exclusively in one media, I have also had a life-long duality in the conceptual approach to my work. I have aspects of my personality that might be stereotypically defined as “masculine,” and these have underscored the direction that one body of my work has taken: architectonic, semi-industrial, meticulously-engineered, completely abstract. Another part of my personality is more feminine, and believes that beauty is its own excuse for ‘being.’ That approach has influenced the creation of sculptural forms more rounded, soft, and representative in nature. I have chosen not to fight these two contrasting parts of myself, but rather to accept and incorporate them into my work in ways that at times overlap and intertwine, and at other times diverge into their own distinct direction.


With both approaches, my work generally references human and animal forms, along with accompanying narrative elements, often shapes and forms from the natural world. The sculptures are not literal representations, as it is not my goal to control specifically how a viewer interprets the work. It is my intent, however, to convey a mood, an idea, or a time in life, as a take-off point for exploring a range of human emotions. I find inspiration in the enduring mythologies of various cultures and faiths, because beneath the idiosyncrasies of specific religions and races, lay deeper truths and enduring similarities that connect us more than they divide us. Many human experiences are shared or archetypal, and cross all boundaries of culture, race, religion – even time. It is these universal emotions – love and temptation, ignorance and enlightenment, struggle and recovery, rebirth and renewal – that I seek to convey in my work.

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