Tom Marino

Artist Statement

Transformation is the theme of my ceramics. Concepts about light, space and time are considered which relate to their literal and symbolic meanings. The Crucible Series further explores the idea of transformation, whether personal, collective or scientific. The bowl-vessel form creates a place where dynamic change is fueled by events and aspirations that require a potent response when time decrees. The resulting process can forge a regeneration that leads to a new understanding or revelation.

The Crucible Series also references the alchemist whose quest was to transmute base lead into noble silver or gold. That pursuit was also a philosophy and a metaphor for achieving enlightenment, true knowledge, and redemption. The Crucible Series is meant to convey the power, inspiration, and alchemy of light. 

The glaze and colors used in the Series signify the heat and light that accompany the Crucible process, often from an uncertain or mysterious beginning. The mirrored surfaces invite the observer to ponder and possibly participate in their own quest and discovery. Modern science (which has transmuted lead into gold) is the new alchemy that aspires to transform our understanding of reality.

I have worked in clay for over thirty years and am mainly self-taught. My background in chemistry, interest in science and personal studies all inform the Crucible Series. My ceramics have won numerous awards and are included in many private and public collections including the Canton Museum of Art, the Crocker Museum of Art, the American Museum of Ceramic Arts, the Zanesville Museum of Art and the Block Museum. I have exhibited nationally and internationally including the Zanesville Prize in Contemporary Ceramics, SOFA Chicago, the Ohio Designer Craftsmen Guild "Best Of", the Toledo Area Artists Exhibition and the Toledo Museum of Art, a one-person exhibition at the Zanesville Museum of Art, and the 11th International Ceramics Competition, Mino, Japan (including a traveling exhibition). Also, I had the happy opportunity to gift my ceramics to the Dali Lama.

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