William Rushton


Artist’s Statement
Whether figurative or landscape, my painting has always used a colorist’s approach.  At times I will work plein-air to refresh my senses.  Studio and plein-air work are complementary to the current abstract and figurative direction my work occupies.  Both figure and landscape serve as points of departure for “play”.
I paint in order to find a painting, the subject is not always important.  Surrendering and listening to what the painting is telling me is paramount.  The subject itself often feels like a necessary evil, not sacred, yet serving as a temporary way of organizing the chaos of shapes, colors and values.
I do not begin a painting with a drawing, as it seems akin to a coloring book experience.  It is important for me to keep the idea or image in the back of my mind for as long as possible and let the painting discover itself.  This helps the dialogue between the painting and myself.  It can feel like an archaeological dig into the conscious and unconscious.
Spontaneous occurrence’s are the lifeblood of my art, and form new directions.  Getting lost in this free process becomes a sacred and timeless place.  I don’t always know where it is all going, but I know how to get there.  This facilitates endless discoveries and new directions that keep me inspired.  The most satisfying work is done when I paint faster than I can think – this holds the timeless space to the paintings conclusion.
William Rushton 2017

2017  Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery, Lafayette, CA  "Simple Sentences"
2017  Bryant Street Gallery, Palo Alto, CA  "California 2"
2015  John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA  "Travels with Joey"
2015  Café Borrone, Menlo Park, CA  "Escapes"
2015  Bryant Street Gallery, Palo Alto, CA  "Guarding the Moment"
2014  Café Borrone, Menlo Park, CA  "Painters and Writers"
2013  Epperson Gallery, Crockett, CA  "Scapes"
2013  Café Borrone, Menlo Park, CA  "New Paintings"
2012  Bryant Street Gallery, Palo Alto, CA  "Chronicles"
2009  Café Borrone, Menlo Park, CA  "New Paintings"
2008  Charles Campbell Gallery, San Francisco,CA  "Small Works"
2006  Donna Seager Gallery, San Rafael, CA  "California"



Hawk Galleries, Columbus, OH

John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA 
Santa Clara University, CA.  Honoring the Legacy of David Park.
NUMU, New Museum, Lost Gatos, CA.  Abstracts From Life:  Bay Area Figurative Past and Present.

Epperson Gallery, Crockett, CA.  “Another Take”
Harrington Gallery, Firehouse Art Center, Pleasanton, CA.  “The Figure in Place”
Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery, Lafayette, CA.
Mythos Gallery, Berkeley, CA.  “Vivid Recollections”

Mythos Gallery, Berkeley, CA
Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery, Lafayette, CA.  “The Outsiders”, “Improvisations”
Studio Shop, Burlingame, CA. “Approaching the Figure”
John Natsoulas Center for the Arts, CA  "Bark" and "The Art of Painting in the 21st Century " 

John Natsoulas Center for the Arts, CA  "Bark" and "The Art of Painting in the 20th Century 2014" 
Epperson Gallery, Crockett, CA 

Arts Benicia Gallery, Benicia, CA  "Evolution of Style"

Arts Benicia Gallery, Benicia, CA "AB 25: Collective Memories"
Gallery of the Bay Model, Sausalito, CA  "Through the Golden Gate and Around the Bay"
Epperson Gallery, Crockett, CA  "Gold Dust and Paint: A Painting Adventure in Virginia City"

Sue Greenwood Fine Art, Laguna Beach, CA  "Painterly Painters"
The Studio Shop Gallery, Burlingame, CA. "Go Figure"
Bryant Street Gallery, San Francisco Fine Art Fair, Fort Mason, CA.
San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, San Jose, CA. "31st Art Auction"

Arts Benicia Gallery, Benicia, CA. "Go Figure"
Donna Seager Gallery, San Francisco Fine Art Fair, Fort Mason, California Fine Art Fair", "Fresh Paint"
Harrington Gallery, Pleasanton, CA. "The Outsiders"

Bolinas Museum, Bolinas, CA. "The 19th Annual Invitation Exhibition Mini-Show"
Donna Seager Gallery, San Rafael, CA. "Summer Show Gallery Artists"
I.Wolk Gallery, St. Helena, CA. "The Outsiders"
Scene on the Strait, Martinez, CA. "The 13th Annual Invitational"

Arts Benicia Gallery, Benicia, CA. "The Outsiders: "Wish You Were Here"
Bakersfield Museum of Art, Bakersfield, CA. "The Outsiders"
Bolinas Museum, Bolinas, CA. "The Mini-Show"
Scene on the Strait, Martinez, CA.  "The 12th Annual Invitational"

Charles Campbell Gallery, San Francisco, CA. "A Summer Sale"
Bolinas Museum, Bolinas, CA.  "18th Annual Invitational Exhibition Mini-Show"
Donna Seager Gallery, San Rafael, CA.  "One Year Celebration"
Scene on the Strait, Martinez, CA.  "The 11th Annual Invitational"

Bolinas Museum, Bolinas, CA, "The Outsiders: Continuing the Plein Air Tradition"
Donna Seager Gallery, San Rafael, CA.  "Finding the Figure", "Gifted"
Nancy Dodds Gallery, Carmel, CA. "The Outsiders"
Scene on the Strait, Martinez, CA.  "The 10th Annual Invitational"
​William Lester Gallery, Pt. Reyes, CA.  "The Outsiders"

Charles Campbell Gallery, San Francisco, CA  "1st Annual Invitational Auto Show", "Looking Back and Seeing Forward", "The Outsiders and Dennis Hare"
Hearst Art Gallery, Saint Mary's College, Moraga, CA. "Living Color: Inside the Outsiders"
Triton Museum, Santa Clara, CA. "The Outsiders"

C.F.A. Gallery, San Anselmo, CA.  "The Figure in Art"
City Picture Frame Gallery, San Francisco, CA. "William Rushton and Dana Hooper"

Marin Agricultural Land Trust (M.A.L.T), Marin County, CA. 
O'Hanlon Gallery at Sight and Insight Art Center, Mill Valley, CA.  "Distillations of the Natural World".

2000 - 2002 
Artists Contemporary Gallery, Sacramento, CA. "The Outsiders"
College of Marin Art Gallery, Kentfield, CA. "California Landscapes"
Euphrat Museum, De Anza College, CA. "The Outsiders and Elegance in Nature"
Thomas Reynolds Gallery, San Francisco, CA. "The Outsiders in the City"
Triton Museum, Santa Clara, CA."New Works by California Artist Series"

​Bolinas Museum of Art, Bolinas, CA
Hearst Museum of Art, Moraga, CA.
​Triton Museum of Art Santa Clara
Robert Aichele
Mary Bromwell
Preston Butcher
John Modell
Manual Neri
Barbara Simmons

Born in London, England
Taught Art at UC Santa Cruz and at Cupertino High School until 2005
Offers coaching and individual mentoring for advanced practitioners

B.A. in Painting, San Jose State University, 1966
M.F.A in Painting, San Jose State, 1972 

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