Witold Sliwinski

Glass, as it is viewed by Witold Sliwinski, enriches the very definition of sculpture. Its specific features and immanent, or intrinsic typology is summarised by its fragility and transparency, coupled with certain plastic and crystal-like properties, leaves the use of color open to the staining of glass, be it opalescent, flat or for purely decorative effect. This range of techniques is so artistically viable and broad-based that it gives a possibility of opening large areas for creative development. 

Witold Sliwinski was born on the 24th of February 1963, in Krosno. He graduated at the State Secondary Art School in Miejsce Piastowe, from the Faculty of Applied Art Forms, as a disciple of the famous sculptor Wladyslaw Kandefer. Since 1996 he has created many works of art in glass, which bear the characteristics of both applied and unique forms. "After a period of time, some different ornamental forms began to appear in my work, which one could almost define as being sculptures, in the very essence of the term. These forms slowly began to influence and dominate my way of thinking. I now genuinely feel that the outcome of my numerous experiments is reflected in the current general trend of the development of contemporary artistic glass-work."

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