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Sleepy Time Gal








Mahogany, Jelutong and Bronze


90"/60" x 106" x 112"


The bed is titled "Sleepy Time Gal" after the 1925 song by Richard Whiting, a favorite of Wendell's. The name is carved in the foot board and the lyrics of the song are carved in the ribbons that spiral up all 4 posts of the bed. A carved signature, Castle 98, is located at the base on the right head post. The head board is a silhouette of a woman lying on her side. The head posts each have a drawer, a large compartment with a shelf, power outlet for cell phone charging, and other items like books, and a built-in lamp. The bed is a standard king. The bed can be disassembled for shipping or relocating. The condition is excellent. The bed is documented in the extensive catalog of Wendell's work. Photo images include: The foot board has the name of the bed and the song, "Sleepy Time Gal". Both head posts have a drawer with two doors above. This image shows the drawer and the lower door, which opens to reveal a shelf and power outlet. The upper door reveals a reading light on a flexible arm that extends out of the compartment. the photo with the open drawer also shows a close up of the lyrics to the song that are engraved on the four posts.

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