Frida Fjellman

Frida Fjellman comes from Mariestad, works in Stockholm and has been designing products for Kosta Boda since 2016. A highly sought-after artist, Frida is represented at many museums and cultural institutions with exhibitions that have won a number of awards and stipends over the years and have been hits not only at many Swedish art institutes but also international ones - most recently ArtBasel in both Miami and Basel.

The actual technique is a kind of appliqué that is blown up. The technique combines random chance with careful intent. Like her predecessor Erik Höglund, Fjellman infuses her glass with playfulness and freedom. It seems her love of play is unusually palpable. To enhance their expression, she gave the characters titles that give them both humanity and a storybook quality. Sort of like Pokémon? Absolutely. But they're not called Pikachu or Pichu-they bear names like "I am hungry" and "Ask her". Together they form a little human drama, a Fjellman version of La Comédie humaine. "When they have plants in them, it gives them hair. It's exciting to see how that changes their expressions."

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