One Million Dollar Boat – Press Release

One Million Dollar Boat.
The most prestigious project for Kosta Boda since 1742.

One of the world’s foremost glass artists, Bertil Vallien will be presenting his One Million Dollar Boat, Passage, at SOFA CHICAGO, November 3rd-6th, with American partner Hawk Galleries. It is the largest, most expensive and mysterious sculpture ever created at Kosta Boda. It is truly an epic art piece, valued at $1 million.

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Founded in 1742, Kosta Boda celebrates its 275th anniversary next year. Bertil Vallien’s masterpiece Passage was created to honor Sweden’s oldest glassworks and pay homage to its 53-year partnership with the artist by providing an unbridled opportunity for him to create his legacy piece.

With this project, Bertil Vallien is portraying the mythology of the history of the world, from birth to death. From the virgin princess to the mummification – the individual who wants to be immortal and live forever in time.

Bertil is internationally renowned, holds several design and art awards, and his work is represented in the most prestigious museums around the world. Thus, we are honored to unveil Passage, perhaps Bertil Vallien’s most awe-inspiring and majestic masterwork.
– Donna Davies, Vice President, Art Group of Urban Expositions

Passage  embodies an extraordinary  artistic partnership between Bertil Vallien, one of the world’s leading artists, and Kosta Boda, Sweden’s most storied glassworks. Hawk Galleries feels privileged to unveil the crown jewel of these two titans’ 53-year collaboration at one of America’s leading art fairs, SOFA CHICAGO 2016.
– Tom Hawk, Jr. Director, Hawk Galleries

Welcome to the unveiling of Passage, the One Million Dollar Boat.
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Navy Pier Festival Hall, 600 East Grand Avenue, Chicago, Il 60611

  • Press Event – Thu., Nov. 3rd, 8:30-10.30 AM – Hawk Galleries, Booth 701
  • Artist Lecture – Sat., Nov. 5th, 10.30-11.30 AM – Lecture Room B, East end of Festival Hall
  • VIP Reception – Sat., Nov. 5th, 11.45 AM – Hawk Galleries, Booth 701