Gerry Newcomb

Gerry Newcomb is a glass artist, living and working in Washington State. He uses kiln-cast glass techniques to create murals, sculptures, furniture, and architectural features.

Gerry first started working in clay in his late teens and continued his studies at the University of Washington. His dissatisfaction with the qualities of glazing clay led him to start investigating kiln-casting techniques. A class at Pilchuck Glass School and a fellowship at Wheaton Arts clarified his direction. Over time he developed the processes and skills to translate clay forms into cast glass. His cast work combines high relief with the intimacy of detailing and diversity of shapes made possible by starting with a clay original.

Gerry refined a process for presenting glass in a reflective format as opposed to typical light transmission through the glass. The resulting shades of gold and silver back his wall murals and some sculptures. His work shows clarity of line and image juxtaposed with the fluidity of glass and bright and subtle colors. He is currently working on presenting glass in larger formatted work and working on constructions with steel and glass.

When he needs something, Gerry creates it. He built his kilns, created his own clay that is sold commercially, and engineers tools and mountings for his work. He has developed a commercially available mold mix for kiln casters. He also consults with Spectrum Glass for the manufacture of production glass for kiln casters.

Gerry's studio work consists of a mix of his own artwork and public and private commissions. He divides his time between a studio in Seattle and a studio on Lopez Island, Washington. 

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