John Sharvin

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John Sharvin is an Ohio-born artist living in Pittsburgh, PA. He has been working in glass since late 2008 when he graduated from The Ohio State University in 2012 with a BFA in glass. After staying in Columbus for a few years working in galleries, doing public glass demonstrations, and tutoring students, he took a Technician Apprenticeship at the Pittsburgh Glass Center in 2014. From 2015-2022 he worked full-time for PGC as their Studio Technician Manager. This job was a great blend of John's passions, building/engineering, and art. Recently he was a competitor on the Netflix show Blown Away. Since the show, John has decided to pursue art full-time. He approaches life and his art practice with an optimistic and humorous outlook.

Artist Statement

John Sharvin's work explores the separation between reality and the imaginary through the use of miniatures and glass sculpture. Creating these miniature landscapes draws the viewer into a new and intimate realm, reminiscent of a shadowbox or dollhouse. These dreamlike worlds create deceptive memories and locations for the viewer to reflect on. Recollection of a place or memory is often distorted through the lens of time. When recalling past memories, he often wonders what is fact and what is fabricated. His work rides the line between humor, cuteness, and authentic personality themes. 

Barware Collection

These one-of-a-kind rock glasses are designed and hand-blown by using a custom turn-mold which provides seamless, resilient glass. If you want to maximize the visual effect of clear ice, this is the glass to use. The design and profile create a truly unique visual experience while you enjoy your favorite beverage. Flowing curves and sharp recesses plays with light in such a way that makes it hard to tell where the glass ends and the clear ice begins. They actually make your drink taste even better.



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