Josh Simpson


"Glass has held my attention for well over 40 years, which is pretty amazing because, for the better or worse, I have interests that scatter me in a hundred directions. I am moved by the majesty of the night sky. Physics, cosmology, and the workings of the universe fascinate me, as do high-temperature chemistry, powered flight, and all things mechanical. I can be mesmerized by color, form, pattern, iridescence, and complexity. Magic, contradiction, and paradox lead me to experiment and often push me far outside my comfort zone." 

Glass is an alchemic blend of sand and metallic oxides combined with extraordinary, binding heat. The result is a material that flows like honey, moving gracefully and inexorably on its own response to gravity and centripetal force, while I do everything I can to coax and shape it.

Josh Simpson's glass includes imaginary planets and a range of vibrantly colored sculptural work often inspired by astrophysical and cosmological themes.

Imagine discovering an exotic new planet, perhaps teeming with life. You might see swirling blue oceans, and continents with forests, mountains, and plains. Oddly regular structures may reveal evidence of intelligent life. Sometimes an orbiting spaceship streaks across the sky, leaving a trail of sparkling, geosynchronous satellites.

"Josh Simpson creates planets that are midway between the micro and macro. They have some of the mystery of the atomic level and much of the complexity of the cosmic."  NEIL ARMSTRONG, Commander, Apollo II

Artist's photo by Pat Piasecki

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