Sandra A Fuchs


Sandra Fuchs' Catalogue for "Other Worlds" Exhibition


Artist Statement

Offering me every possible way to express myself, glass became my, "partner in crime," to transform ideas into reality. My artworks share a common "spirit" and "organic" aesthetic. The themes which run through my pieces are inspired by the beauty and power of nature, of rising, elevating, and growing. Creativity and vision are born by travelling, cultural exchange, and connecting with people from around the world.

To mix my own colours is very important for me. Colours are feelings, colours show the mood of a work at first glance. Colours are life.

Working with glass since 2003, Sandra founded her own glass studio in 2013. her works were on display at museums in Germany and Venice, Italy, and exhibited in Vienna, Berlin, Basel, Zurich, Murano, Florence, Turin, London and the United States.

Born in 1973 in Krems, Austria, Sandra A. Fuchs lives and works in Mautern at the Danube, a small town located within the Wachau, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Austria.

TAKAMAKA - Inspiration

"TAKAMAKA is the name of a beach, the famous rum, and a tree growing on the island of La Digue...but it's more, TAKAMAKA is a DESIRE.

The desire to live an easy life, a life without sorrows and bad thoughts. A life filled with happiness, sunshine, and colours, breathing the incredible beauty and power of nature, being grateful for magic moments and positive energy.

With my TAKAMAKA Collection, I want to catch these emotions, the TAKAMAKA pieces shall be ambassadors of this mood and lifestyle...wherever they will go...

They contain my typical "signature cores" which show their inner life, always with the movement of rising, going further, and finding their way through various impressions we pass by.

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